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Columbia College Alumni

Bluenumber Foundation, founded by Ateli Iyalla CC’06, SPS’10 and Terry Lee SIPA’13, is creating a public registry that aggregates never-before-collected data on individuals who want to be included in global systems.

Dream Space, founded by Anastasia Alt CC’10, matches individuals with a career specialist for expert advice and personal coaching available directly through your smartphone.

Locasaur, founded by Simon Schwartz CC’17, is developing a web/mobile platform to help support and promote local independent businesses interaction with their local community and regular customers.

Mode Maison, founded by Wells Childress CC’14, strives be the go-to source for luxury home furnishings through a web platform that offers efficiency to the trade consumer and accessibility to the end consumer with an outstanding content-to-commerce approach.

Strive, founded by Ben Rashkovich CC’17, is an education technology startup that seeks to provide comprehensive college readiness software and coaching to high school students and their parents.

Additional Columbia Alumni, founded by Jeet Raut TC’15 and Peter Njenga, SEAS’15 is a crowd-sourced computer vision application programming interface (API) for developers.

The Clear Cut, founded by Kyle Simon BUS’17 is an aspirational e-commerce brand targeting millennials by providing a curated selection of high-quality diamonds/designs, using expert educational content and supporting a social mission.

Concurrent Wireless, founded by Jianxun Zhu SEAS’16, is building highly concurrent, next-generation wireless receivers.

Corbel, founded by Erin Kelly BUS‘17 and Kelsey Brown BUS‘17, redefines how consumers shop for home décor.

The Drop, founded by Alexis Beechen BUS’15, is a U.S.-made canned rosé wine that will disrupt the wine industry by becoming the go-to light beer alternative for millennials whether they are partying all day or kicking back with friends.

Eat Offbeat, founded by Manal Kahi SIPA’15, delivers authentic ethnic meals that are conceived, prepared and delivered by refugees in NYC. Eat Offbeat builds on its creators’ culinary heritage and home-cooking skills to introduce New Yorkers to new off-the-beaten-path cuisines, and provide them with an authentic eat-like-a-local home dining experience.

FollowUp Health, founded by Amber Ju BUS’15, matches providers with senior care consumers to ensure fit and quality care.

FUR, co-founded by Laura Schubert BUS’11 and Lillian Tung BUS’11, is the first daily pubic hair and skin care line.

The Global Economic Weather Map, founded by Richard Rothenberg BUS’16 uses machine learning algorithms to provide a real-time visual summary of investment opportunities and emerging risks stemming from global macro-financial and socio-economic trends.

Ipromotor Image, founded by Shermin Lo SEAS’16, is a computer-driven personal styling service for people to craft their professional images through how they dress.

JACL Omicron, founded by Jason Lau SEAS’16, is a social media platform to which users would upload their pictures to 1.) promote their personal styles, 2.) provide their apparel information and 3.) influence their friends on the way they shop.

The Leadership Lab, founded by Fatima Zulqarnian BUS’17, provides leadership and development coaching for startup employees and founders.

Maganta, founded by Andrei Papancea SEAS’14, enables people to send premium, high-quality gifts to one another, seamlessly and on demand while enabling local, sustainable commerce.

Mission Restore, founded by Karina Nagin SIPA’11, is a global health nonprofit dedicated to creating a world in which local surgeons have the knowledge, skills and support they need to treat debilitating injuries in their own communities around the world.

NaTakallam, (“we speak” in Arabic), founded by Aline Sara SIPA’14 connects Arabic learners around the world with displaced Syrians for language practice online. The platform offers affordable, flexible, tailored Arabic practice with native speakers. On the other end, NaTakallam offers an enriching job opportunity to individuals who are typically barred from the local economy.

Ngineered Studio, founded by Omar Kiyani SEAS’16, specializes in web and mobile design and development., founded by James Comfort SEAS’12, is a machine learning service to automate healthcare insurance bill coding.

Orsden, founded by Sara Segall BUS’14, is a direct-to-consumer ski apparel company.

Piccolo Pets, founded by Sonali Nigam PH’13, is a concierge service for pet health and wellness.

qLogiX Entertainment, founded by Shyno Matthew SEAS’17, create interactive games that make STEM fun.

Retail Experts, founded by Eduardo Andrade BUS’15, provides retail companies the services they need to establish their physical presence and allow their senior management to focus on more business-centric aspects of their brand.

Reut USA, founded by Edun Sela SIPA’17, provides affordable strategic consulting services to nonprofits.

Social Solar, founded by Donna Sanders BUS’17, is a 3rd-party platform that matches families and businesses seeking community solar opportunities with vetted community solar developers.

Stratyfy, founded by Laura Kornhauser BUS’17 and Michael Cherkassky BUS’17 bridges the gap between how businesses make decisions today and how they will make them in the future.

Thread Counsel, founded by Carly Bigi BUS’17 and Erin Jaeger BUS’17, designs and manufactures high-end, affordable workwear for women (blazers, dresses, pants, skirts) that are customized in size and style using a fit algorithm and expanded variety of sizes based on 10,000 real women’s measurements.

Tail Risk Consulting, founded by Robert Terrin BUS‘17, is a cyber security consulting firm for small- and medium-sized businesses.

Teller, founded by Sidharth Garg BUS’16, is a personal finance app that gives straightforward advice for managing money, starting with the basics.

Text IQ, co-founded by Omar Haroun BUS’12, LAW’12 and Apoorv Agarwal SEAS’16, uses cutting-edge techniques in machine learning and natural language processing to change the way people consume and interact with big data.

Unbound, founded by Jackie Churchwell BUS’17 and Lorraine White BUS’17, is an empowering sexual wellness brand for women by women.

Vacayo, founded by Truth Oladapo SEAS’09, is a tech-driven vacation rental management company., founded by Michal Alter SIPA’14, is a technology platform for curated authentic travel experiences offered by nonprofits around the globe. Travelers can use to add a half-day culturally immersive experience to their existing itinerary, and revenues are reinvested back in the community through the host nonprofit.

Volt Growth Partners, co-founded by Florian Van Rappard BUS’16, is an investment firm focused on identifying and providing growth capital in the most promising fast-growing consumer brands, helping to accelerate their growth through strategic guidance and operational expertise and maximize value creation for all stakeholders.

Wandering Bear, co-founded by Matt Bachmann BUS’15 and Ben Gordon BUS’15, is first-to-market with innovative packaging that brings café-style, cold brew coffee to consumers in their homes and offices.

Wheeli, co-founded by Alexandre Ayache SEAS’14, connects students with cars and student passengers looking for a ride. Students split driving costs, make friends and reduce their carbon footprint.

Yank Technologies, co-founded by Jin Li SEAS’15, develops wireless charging systems that provide power on-demand.

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