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What is Vacayo?

The name Vacayo comes from “Vacay,” short for vacation, and “O,” used in West Africa to make any activity sound and feel awesome. Similar to the word “Yo,” or the phrase “Let’s play-o.” We believe that every homeowner can use their property to earn passive income and achieve financial freedom. For travelers, they get to enjoy welcoming, professionally-managed homes at an unmatched value. Think an improved version of the traditional houseguest. In a nutshell, Vacayo is creating opportunities for homeowners and travelers alike to reap maximum benefits from the sharing economy.

Vacayo offers real estate management platform that guarantees landlords higher income and eliminates vacancy risk. Our propriety software ensures landlords earn steady monthly rent that’s 10% higher than a longterm rental while leveraging “Superhosts” for on-the-ground operations. Once a landlord has added their property on Vacayo, they instantly get an offer, the home gets verified, and the lease is signed immediately. Homes added to Vacayo are saved automatically in our system and syndicated across the top short-term rental websites. Our verified “Superhosts” work tirelessly to provide the best possible experience to our guests from all over the world. Currently, Vacayo is available to landlords in San Diego, San Jose, Miami, Tampa/St Pete, Mountain View, New York, with plans for a rapid expansion to other US cities in 2018.


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The story of Vacayo

Back in 2011, Truth and Isabel were roommates working in finance and enjoying NYC life. Truth had long-planned to move to Florida and buy an investment property to use as passive income. Not only would this jumpstart his real estate portfolio, he could use the income to fund their health technology startup. That spring, he put in an offer on a great house and was excited to tell Isabel about it.  But her reaction was less than enthusiastic.


The two brainstormed ideas for how Truth could stay in the city and still afford to start a real estate company. New York, after all, was the real estate capital of the world.  While they continued to research alternatives, Truth moved forward with the home buying process in Florida. He was days from closing when he hit upon an idea: What if, instead of sinking all that cash into a property, they just “Airbnb’d” their spare bedroom?

This marked the unofficial launch of Vacayo. The listing booked out solid and paid for the entire apartment’s rent in just two months. Slowly, Isabel and Truth started managing a handful of places, pouring the rest of their time in market research. Several years, when a landlord approached them and asked if they’d lease a dozen units. They agreed!

A landlord’s worst nightmare was furnishing a home and then failing to attract guests! By bridging that gap and providing higher fixed-monthly income, furniture, and a dedicated management team, Vacayo provides an invaluable service. They worked closely with landlords and discovered that a combination of limited money, time constraints, and a fear of unstable income prevented many homeowners from capitalizing on the vacation rental market.

After they launched Vacayo and started their expansion. Vacayo partnered with Airbnb “Superhosts,” who serve as their dedicated local managers. Using Vacayo’s proprietary technology, they’ve transformed many underperforming rentals homes into generous passive income streams.  For Truth and Isabel, as it turns out, the best investment was their #sidehustle.

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