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Home Details

Owner Full Name: Michael Maakar
Property Address: 625 77th St
Miami Beach, FL 33141

Sq.ft: 750

Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms: 2

Lot size: 5500

Home Age: 66 years

Garages: 3

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Age of Home Risk

For your reference, here are some of the comparable homes we looked at while determining our top lease price for your home.

7830 Dickens Ave. Miami
7451 Harding Ave. Miami


Living Area
1,030 ft2
1,000 ft2

Days on market
120 days (Active) days
Already 12 (Active) days

The price below was determined by analyzing the information you provided about your home, compared to similar comps in your area. it’s our goal to give you our top rent guarantee from the start, so you can skip the hassle of trying to rent your home traditionally.

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 vs Zillow traditional average of $1050

Your ultimate home leasing includes:

  • VACAYO IS FEELESS – Compared to the typical 8% fee with a traditional manager for leasing and tenant management.
  • SAVING – The average Vacayo landlord chooses to lease in 5 days. Traditional leasing stretch to an average of 76*days, and require an additional 2+ months of vacancy cost.
  • CONVENIENCE & CONTROL – We eliminate the traditional home rental hassles, stress, and uncertainty. The best part is-you pick when to lease and move.

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Includes rate efficient increase**

This offer expire on Monday April 17, 2017 at 12:00PM (California)

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Leasing to Vacayo

Lease the day you’re ready
Dedicated support until signing
Your choice on signing date
We pay renters insurance
Move up to 3 days after signing

Listing with an Agent

An average of 76 days to find renter
Last minute showings
Strangers in your home
Negotiations and Concessions
Waiting and Uncertainty

What is your time and convenience worth?

What We Definitely Do:

24 hours or less - No cost or obligation